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COVID-19 Social Distancing – How to Host a Netflix Party

The COVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic is keeping a large number of us isolated in our homes, which is leading to a great deal of boredom for many. Creative ways of socializing online are becoming more normal, as we wait for the situation to unfold. My favorite method of connecting with friends recently is Netflix Party. With Netflix Party, you can watch Neflix with your friends and family online. “Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.” –

The instructions for setting up Netflix Party are simple:

First you need to install Netflix Party on Chrome. Simply open your Chrome browser and go to and click to install the extension on chrome.

Then after the extension is installed on chrome, sign into Netflix in your browser and pick the movie or show you want to watch with friends. There will be an “NP” in the upper right corner of your browser next to where your other extensions are listed. Click the “NP” and it will give you a link to share with your friends so they can watch and chat along with you. Please note: your friends must also have a Netflix account and must be logged in to join your party. Unfortunately, this is only available for Chrome at this time. If you’d like to watch Netflix Party videos on your tv, consider using an HDMI cable.

Here’s a video with some more detailed instructions:

That’s it! If you have any other creative ideas for socializing while social distancing, please leave them in the comments!

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Dear Netflix:

Dear Netflix,

We here at Social Hacking are writing you in hopes that we may sway your decision to overtly screw over tens of thousands (conservative estimate) of subscribers to your services.

$1.99 might not seem like a lot of money to most people, but to a computer analyst who stares at numbers and multiplies by the thousands daily, it’s quite easy to estimate the amount of money netted on a simple increase of such a minute pittance. The issue, however, is the demographic attracted to your service: ‪#‎Millennials.

I can’t speak for -all- Millennials, but I can say that there is an overly large body of us who have been extremely financially affected by the 2007-2008‪ ‎recession, combined with the fact that employers now more than ever misunderstand the concept of fair, livable wages, all mix together to form one anxious pile of 💩 that we deftly handle as best we can. Netflix is our solace.

The reality is, the cheaper your service, the less inclined people are to bootleg or pirate content. You are connected to the internet, after all. It’s not like you are the -only- game in town for media…’s just that you give us nice graphics and imagery of the movie box covers….

We implore you to consider leaving your subscription pricing as it is — learn from Hulu’s mistake. When they began, Hulu had -all- content; it was free, no subscription required. Then came the ads. site was still free….just had to watch or deal with a popup or two. Then came Hulu+. No ads, but it cost ya $7.99/month.

fine. no ads. totally worth.

then……THEN came the ads. ON Hulu+.

‘cuz content. and reasons.

…and then came the exodus. I don’t know too many people that utilize Hulu+ for their content much anymore. I’m not saying they’re not out there, I’m simply saying that in my (direct) social circle, nobody I know uses Hulu+. They -all- utilize your Netflix, or Sling, or Kodi, or Project Free TV, and so on…..

I ❤ your service, as do a great many of our subscribers to be sure. It would be terrible to see your profit margins unusually affected should you decide to proceed.

Oh, and for anybody who’s gotten through this TL;DR, here’s some maths for ya —>

$1.99/ea x 50k = $99,500

$1.99/ea x 100k = $199,000

$1.99/ea x 500k = $995,000

$1.99/ea x 1M = $1,990,000

^ the point I’m attempting to make with these numbers, folks, is the fact that we haven’t really exceeded the population (estimates) of some of the very cities in which we reside.

e.g., think about how many people use Netflix. Even if it’s a scattered 100k ppl here or there, it’s still adding to the amount of money chipped away at this plan of action. We protest 😛