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Coronavirus Concerns: More People Working from Home Means More Employer Tracking

  • May 16, 2020
  • 3 min read
Coronavirus Concerns: More People Working from Home Means More Employer Tracking

So I’m going to stir up some :poop: , y’all — but bare with me.

Generally speaking, I’m of two minds on this subject. On one hand, I’m OK with this.

e.g., prior to CommieVirus2020, we would go to work, log on to an employer-provided asset, and commence working. On Employer-provided assets, such as laptops, desktops, servers, etc, I’m 100% fine with <pick an employer> installing NARCwarez. Why? Simple: They own the device.

However, that’s not what’s been happening.

Instead, as more and more people are working from home, employers are attempting to basically “track,” your every waking moment, from the time you roll out of bed, to the time you crawl back into it. Yea, I know that’s an extreme, but let’s get real — we’re talking about a really bad fucking episode of Black Mirror.

So you’ve got two choices: You can tell your employer to pound sand; that you won’t tolerate this type of invasion of privacy.

Their response will probably be your atypical “…..install this (or else you can’t work here any longer).”

So what do you do?

…….you’ll install it, that’s what you’ll do (because you’ve got a powerful need to eat; get paid).

But before you install it, here’s what I’d recommend doing:::::

• Download & Install VMware vCenter Converter ( https://www.vmware.com/products/converter.html )

^ vCenter Converter will scan/convert your physical hard drive to a virtual one. Basically, we’re creating a 1:1 image of all of your data. You <might> need an external HDD depending on the size of the image.

• Download & Install either VMware Workstation or Virtualbox. Create a “new,” virtual machine. I’d allocate at LEAST 4-8GB for the VM, since you’ll be doing 100% of your “work,” in the container.

^ use the image that you just created with vCenter as the VMDK or VDI image.

• boot your virtual machine.

Now, if/when your boss requests you install their NARCware, install it in your newly converted virtual machine. 

Oh, and unless boss is paying for (or providing you) a cellphone, they can take that  and fuck the hell off with that noise.

e.g., Work Hours: 8AM-5PM, not 24/7/365.

……and therein lies the problem. People honestly feel like since we’re “sheltering at home,” that we have no lives; that we have honestly nothing better to do than slave away for “boss,” and that we should be available around the clock for boss, irrespective of our sleep, or errands, or bills, or w/e. <shrugs>

so yea. Virtual Machines, y’all.

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