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Many Fans Illegally Download Frank Ocean’s #Blond Album

  • August 21, 2016
  • 2 min read
Many Fans Illegally Download Frank Ocean’s #Blond Album

R&B singer and songwriter Frank Ocean released his new album Blond exclusively to Apple Music. This caused fans to flock to torrent and other illegal file sharing sites to download the album. The entire album has also surfaced for free on Google Drive. (Digital Music News)

Because other popular streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal are unable to stream Blonde, those who are not subscribers to Apple’s service have had to find other means of obtaining the album. A quick Google search has also led some listeners to file locker locations containing the album files. Some Reddit threads have links to file hosting sites like Zippyshare to help share the album more widely.

Since Blonde was released exclusively to Apple Music, some have signed up for the service specifically to hear the album:

Others are promoting pirating the album for those who don’t want to pay or sign up for Apple Music:

Having given exclusive rights to Apple Music, the Frank Ocean brand has gone against Kim Dotcom’s suggestions for stopping piracy:

By not making the album easy to buy or obtain, many people feel that piracy is a better option for those who are not subscribers to Apple Music.

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