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Should Uber Drivers be Fingerprinted in Background Checks?

  • May 8, 2016
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Should Uber Drivers be Fingerprinted in Background Checks?

I’ve heard a LOT of talk recently about Uber and Lyft’s pending exit from the Austin, TX marketplace, and I can’t say that I blame them. On one hand — Government “regulation,” only stifles competition… but on the other, when one realizes that just about -anybody- can become a driver for either of these companies so long as they have a 2005+ model vehicle, the idea of fingerprinting potential drivers (IMO) does not seem too far fetched.

Allow me to explain:

When you go to work for Yellow cab, for example, you become a licensed; bonded driver. In short, Yellow Cab knows exactly who you are, where you’ve lived, as well as have access to your (criminal) background information (which INCLUDES your Fingerprints). To me it’s a safety issue — as a passenger, I would think that knowing your driver is a rational; sane, functional member of society would be quite settling as it alleviates the “what if’s,” associated with climbing into a stranger’s car.

Sadly, responsibility has never actually been part of Uber or Lyft’s business plan. They would much rather you [sic, the driver] assume any and all liability wherein they [sic, the Company] are held in no way responsible for their utter & complete disregard for proper working conditions, accommodations, etc. As far as I’m concerned, their whole entire platform is digital ; it’s not like they really require brick & mortar office buildings, etc. in order to conduct their daily routines —- it’s not too much to ask for them [sic, the Company] to properly vet the individuals representing them, else they risk hiring the Zodiac Killer.
Austin, TX for the win..

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