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The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

  • November 1, 2015
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The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

Security is not about whether something can be cracked or hacked. The fact is that, given enough resources, anything can be hacked. This is especially true for social media accounts. However, the goal is to balance security measures with the severity of what would happen if the account were to be hacked. The more sensitive the information, the more security measures need to be used. In other words, in order to better secure and ensure privacy over the internet, multi-factor authentication needs to be used. If you want to better secure your social media accounts, use two-factor authentication.

Methods of Authentication 

Multi-factor authentication simply means combining ways to ensure the right people are able to access a system. There are different ways or factors that allow someone to be authenticated over the internet or any other system.

The first one is what the user knows. This is usually something like a password. In order to log into an email account, someone has to know their username and password. This is using only one factor in authenticating someone.

The next factor or method of authenticating someone is what the user or person has. This can be a badge or an ID. You are being authenticated by something you have on you. A driver’s license can be identified as this method as well.

The last factor is what the person is. This can be fingerprints, DNA, and even retina patterns. This means that biometric scanners are a way of authenticating you by what you are. Some laptops have fingerprint scanners which only allow you to use the computer if you are scanned and authenticated.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the balance between resources and risks. Hackers may steal your password to your social media accounts. However, it would be more difficult for them to steal both a password and your mobile phone. By including your phone in your security setup with your social media accounts, you are using two-factor authentication to better secure your privacy.

For example, Facebook allows you to use your phone to control login approvals. When you log in, Facebook will send you a code to your phone. You then put in the code that they send you. The two factors in this authentication method are what you know and what you have. You have to know your password and have possession of your phone in order to log in.

Hacking Your Social Media Account with Just Your Email

Hacking into a social media account that doesn’t use two-factor authentication is simple. All a hacker needs is an email password. Email accounts are easy to know. After all, everyone usually has their email address as public knowledge. From there, a hacker can narrow your password to something you are familiar with. Rarely do people have complicated passwords. A hacker would possibly try different passwords at intervals so not to cause any locks on your account.

After a given period of time, a hacker could come to the right password. After that, all the hacker would have to do is click the “Forgot Password” link on any social media site and they would send the password right to the hacker. This is all with one- factor authentication.

The Best Security Method for Social Media

The best method for privacy on social media sites is including your phone in your privacy settings. Most social media sites and even Google include features to send codes right to your phone. This method allows you to use two-factor authentication in order to gain better security and control over your social media accounts.


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